Our Offerings

Our Offerings

We help you move from attitude to action to impact by providing inspiration, education and activation to enhance your footprint, handprint, and heartprint.

In the three areas of inspiration, education and activation, we as FUTURE Institute will develop and offer various services and solutions that will help individuals and organizations in their transformation to sustainability.


Our inspiration offers give you orientation, create and transfer knowledge and help you build the right attitude for your organization. We connect relevant players to inspire each other.

1. New knowledge

  • Studies & Papers
  • Senior professorships in sustainable finance, sustainable accounting, energy markets and transition, and more

2. Orientation

  • Inspiration Sessions
  • Networking events
  • Exchange & positioning


Our education offers develop new talent and build the necessary skillset for you and your employees across all levels of your organization.

1. Entire learning journeys for individuals

  • Learning nuggets
  • Executive education
  • Certificates
  • Nano degree
  • Master degree

2. Workshops for teams

  • Sustainability curriculum workshops


Our activation offers help you develop the right strategies and implement the right action across your organization, as well as build the right solutions and tools across your value chain.

1. Tool development and company activation

  • Tool development
  • Workforce activation

2. Strategy and solution projects

  • Sustainability projects
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • cross value chain development projects
  • Sustainable innovations

Take action!
Today is the day to start your journey into sustainability. Reduce your footprint, increase your handprint, and create heartprint now.
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